Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thunderwolves Fans Head to Ottawa for CIS Championship

Please see below a note from Back Court Club member Roger Quirion who is spearheading some efforts to get a good group of supporters out to Ottawa for the 'Wolves first trip to the big dance since 1977.

Stay tuned to this site for updates, and schedule for the tournament as soon as it becomes known.

For all of you Thunderwolves fans who want to join them at the CIS championship in Ottawa on March 19th , 20th and 21st please read the following announcements:

1. pprox two weeks ago I contacted Porter Airlines about the possibility of our TEAM making the CIS”s and asked them what they could do for us. They gratiously offered to provide 10% off all fares listed online. In order to do this Porter created a promo code which can be used when booking online. Bookings can be done immediately until March 20th provided the travel is done between and including March 18th – 22nd . The Code is LLBALL10. When you access the Porter website just below the search flight option on their webpage there is a place to insert the promo code. It must be entered and submitted prior to searching for flights. A successful application of the Promo Code will show the discounted price when selecting your flight options.

2. I sent an email to Scott Morrison at about 9:30 pm on Sat. night to find out when the team is leaving for Ottawa, when they are playing their first game and where they are staying. The reason for this is first not to conflict with their flight and to also see if we can book a flight on Friday morning which will allow us to make their Friday game. Finally it would be nice to be able to book rooms at the same hotel as the team. (assuming there is space and the hotel is close to Scotia Bank Place) Since we will not have transportation it probably would be much better to be within walking distance of Scotia Bank place. It is my intention to find a hotel /motel at a decent price and have everyone flying down to look at staying at the same place. Also once we know how many people are coming to Ottawa I want to contact the bus company taking care of the teams to see if they can provide us with transportation. I’m sure this would be much more economical than all of us trying to arrange our own transportation.
3. Without knowing when the Thunderwolves play their first game here is some info on flight times which will meet our needs. First to the most economic flights will be to depart on Friday March 19th and return on Monday March 22nd . the cost without the discount would be $ 140 & $ 175 respectively. With the discount the fare would be $ 283.5. The Sunday flight alone is $ 349 making the trip quite costly. Also if the Team plays in the first game on Friday we will need to be on the flight departing Thunder Bay at 6:55am on Friday morning.

4. As I have sent this email to Coach Morrison I am hoping he will post it on the Back Court blog. For anyone wanting join the team in Ottawa please be aware that I am trying to arrange for group transportation and economic lodging in Ottawa. As well I would like to contact the company selling tickets at Scotia Bank Place about getting a block of tickets so we can sit together as a group. Now if you want to find out about the ticket prices you can go to and get the price for the individual game tickets as well as the packages. Therefore for the purposes of transportation, hotel accommodation and tickets please send me an email or call my office and leave a message as soon as possible. I will be making phone calls on Monday morning in an attempt to get the necessary information.

What a great season our boys have had this year. Regardless of the outcome of this coming weekend they certainly have come a long way since the beginning of the season. For myself I am looking to be pleasantly surprised by a team which continues to grow and mature at every game they play.
Looking forward to your response,

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