Friday, March 19, 2010

Fourth Quarter

Big throwdown from UBC’s Burke to open final Q. Lakehead went on a 15-0 run last week against Ottawa and will need a similar effort now. Bath hits another two from inside as UBC leads 62-43. The Thunderbirds are a big team, but then again, Lakehead is consistently the smaller team on the floor in their games. JJ air balls a three but is encourage by Searle from the sidelines: “Get your rhythm JJ, get your rhythm.” Searle is without a doubt the heart of Lakehead basketball – a great teammate and one of the hardest workers in the country. Nagy hits two FTs and the lead is down to 17. Big stop for Lakehead as Yoos gets the board but the Wolves turn it over. Another basket from Bath who is easily the biggest guy on the floor. Yoos responds with an and-1 finish in close as Malish is undercut trying to go for the block. One of those rare moments where the guy called for the foul gets the worst of it. Another stop for LU, and they need a hoop. Searle cranks it in from long range – HUGE bucket. And another stop on great D from Carter who gets a piece of Whyte’s shot. Back the other way, Jones takes it to the rack and finishes. 64-52 with 4:59 and Lakehead is not going away. The last few possessions typify what the Wolves’ season has been like. This is a team that embraces the underdog role and will never stop playing. Tough play tough as Carter came inches from picking up a huge steal but Yu hit the pocket 3-ball for UBC. 67-52 for the Thunderbirds. Whyte extends the lead to 18 points with a hoop and the harm. Double technical as Carter forces the jump ball on Whyte who responds with a forearm to Greg’s throat. The CIS Player of the Year Whyte is leaving his requisite sportsmanship at the door. Great line coming from hecklers row: “Are you a wildcard ref?” These fans are fantastic and have burst into a chant of “Overrated! Overrated!” as Whyte steps to the charity stripe for two. Amazing pull up 3-ball from Hornby who just came off the bench. McIntosh is also in and gets a quick two inside. 72-57 UBC. JJ is draped all over Whyte defensively – he’s going to be contributing to this program for years to come. LaBranche is back on the line shooting FTs – Lakehead’s fans are heckling louder than UBC’s fans are cheering. Nice take to the hoop by McIntosh as he’s fouled. Good to see him getting some burn as he continues to develop. One minute left with LU down by 18. Final three-pointer from UBC to close the game. UBC 79 Lakehead 58. Tough game for Lakehead as they were on the wrong end of a second half comeback. Yoosrie Salhia is the Lakehead Player of the Game; Whyte for UBC. Rautins and Black are silenced – clearly Lakehead fans.

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