Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Wolves Take in Historic Halifax

Lakehead Thunderwolves Overlook Downtown Halifax

The Thunderwolves took a break from study halls and practices this morning to take in some areas of significance around scenic downtown Halifax. First up on the list was a behind-the-scenes tour of the Halifax Metro Centre, home of the 2011 CIS Final 8. Metro Centre manager Darren Watt took time out of his day to show us the arena itself, the 'under belly' and also broke down the process of switching from a hockey to a basketball venue.
Following the Metro Centre tour the team made the trek up Citadel Hill to check out old "Fort George" and take in the view of the city from its highest natural point. Nova Scotia product Ben Johnson gave an impromptu history lesson on the construction of the fort on Citadel Hill and some of the background. Coach Morrison outlined the story of the great "Halifax Explosion" which took place in the Halifax Harbour in 1917. Some of the players wondered if Coach witnessed it first hand and were curious as to how he survived such as blast.


  1. Coach, how did you survive that by the way?

  2. Well David, as we learned on the tour... Citadel Hill acted as a shield from the blast for parts of the city.... which is now reflected in the architectural differences between different parts of the city!