Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lakehead vs. Cape Breton - Second Quarter

Nice stop for LU and then a 3-ball on the other end by Hornby. 16-11 Capers. Scott continues to use a variety of players as JJ, Yoos, Hornby, Nagy and Schmidt are on the floor. I haven’t seen that unit play together all year. Capers continue to build a lead, going up 25-15 after a corner 3-pointer. Seb is in and gets tripped up after making a nice backdoor cut to the hoop; hits 1-2 FTs. Things are getting chippy in the Lakehead end and the mood on the sidelines is getting intense. Nagy makes a strong drive to the net to two but the Capers’ Roper responds with a three and walks the length of the floor with his hand in the air; the celebration seems like a bit of overkill considering it’s the second quarter of a consolation game. Jones makes great drive to the basket and is fouled but his layup somehow rattles out after looking like it would fall. He hits both FTs. Scott gets a technical after pointing out the Capers alleged utilization of three-in-the-key. On the baseline, Roger Quirion and Ryan Sinninghe are making this feel like home with their vocal support of Scott. Greg makes a great steal with some full court pressure and feeds JJ for a quick layup – great play from two guys who have another three years to play together. Both are already so good, it’s going to be exciting to see where they end up as CIS players. Capers lead 36-21. Nagy with another take inside for two. On D, LU gets a stop and McIntosh crashes the boards hard to draw the foul. Bonus situation. Anthony goes 1-2 from the line. Nice 3-ball John-Proctor for Cape Breton despite some tight D from Seb. 39-24 Capers. Greg responds with a beautiful baseline spin and layup to beat the shot clock. In the LU zone, Nagy plays some great post D, not biting on Carter’s pump fakes. He draws Carter into a travel violation which sparks some “ref encouragement” from the Lakehead bench. The refs T-up the entire team, something I’ve actually never seen before. Are we having fun now? The Capers fans are starting to heckle a bit, but then again, they should be playing in the afternoon according to the rankings. This simmer down a bit and the halftime score is 44-29 for the Capers, just where Lakehead is comfortable.

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