Friday, March 19, 2010

Second Quarter

Good start as JJ hits a bucket to give LU a one-point lead. UBC comes back with the next four points but that eggs on the fans. LaBranche just clunked a FT for UBC as the LU hecklers chant “Wildcard! Wildcard!” This is a pro-Lakheead crowd without a doubt. Big bucket for Greg; UBC now leads 19-18. Awesome perimeter defence as UBC needs 15 plus seconds to set their offence followed by a forced turnover by Thomson. Huge 3-pointer by JJ to put Lakehead, then another as Lakehead leads 24-19. LaBranche answers with a 3-ball of this own by Greg scores another two on a nice drive. 26-22 Lakehead as the Wolves aren’t waiting until the fourth quarter to make their move. Huge defensive stands as Whyte missed a contested layup with Greg Carter in his face. UBC grabs the O-rebound but Hackner makes great play taking the charge. This in Lakehead basketball! 26-22 for the Pack with 4:55 left in the first half.

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