Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hackner Still Capable of Big Shots

During his playing career (2006-11) he was Lakehead's version of Robert Horry - hitting clutch 3pt shots to help the team complete comebacks and win close games.  Andrew "Big Shot" Hackner is still connecting from long range; not on the hard wood but in random parts of the Canadian shield.  
Hackner, now a geologist working in Geraldton, Ontario has been enjoying one of his other favorite pastimes, hunting.  
As his former mates were getting ready to shoot down Concordia on Thursday night, Hackner landed his first career moose - connecting on his second of 3 shots - in line with his career 3pt shooting percentage of 33%.  He used a .300 winchester magnum (long range rifle) with a scope to knockdown the big moose from 275 yards away.
Said Hackner of his lastest score; "300 yard moose kills are rare.  I almost didn't take the shot because he was so far away.  Most moose kills are around 100 yards."  
Hackner was representing his beloved alumni while on the hunt, sporting this year's edition of the team's shooting shirt and has promised moose sausage for the coaching staff and moose jerky for former front court partner Yoosrie Salhia.

See below for the pics - Hack's biggest trophy since hoisting the Wilson Cup in 2011. 

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