Thursday, October 18, 2012

Follow the Thunderwolves in Saskatoon

Here is the tournament website for Saskatchewan - no webcast this weekend but live stats for each game.
Lakehead tips off against Concordia at 730pm eastern time today.


  1. Why did you leave so much size in thunder bay?? And took some1 who doesn't play well with the time hes given, yet you leave a big at home who plays awesome with the limited time u give him?? maybe stop being influanced by other people Ie. parents and do whats right, u guys need size on at home. And that will come back and bite you in the ass.

    1. You are correct. Size is important on the road, especially vs the Can West teams. That is the reason we took all 6 of our healthy bigs. We did leave one big man at home - he is injured and hasn't practiced in two weeks.
      The other players who did not travel have an average height of 5'11.

      Thank you for this anonymous comment and the comic relief you gave myself and the staff prior to us breaking down tonight's film.
      We can always use more advice on the staff - feel free to use your real name and send me an email at and maybe you can be the difference we need to win a championship this season.
      - Coach Morrison

  2. coach Morrison made the thundewolves into a national contender and future powerhouse...with all due respect matty anyone..there is a reason hes the coach and your not...he built the team from the ground should aspire to be half the man that coach Morrison is matty