Friday, April 27, 2012

Lakehead Basketball Hosts Top Trainer for High Performance Clinic

Lakehead to Host Elite Basketball Trainer Kyle Julius of *A* Game Hoops
Lakehead to Host Elite Basketball Trainer May 11-13
During the May 11-13 weekend, Lakehead Thunderwolves will be hosting - Kyle Julius and *A* GAME HOOPS - for a three-day high school aged clinic focusing on developing; a) on-court skills b) mental toughness and training c) strength and agility d) goal setting and long term development.
*A* Game Hoops is now providing a tremendous opportunity for teams to run a unique community and team development camp training at the highest level.
Our experiences playing at a high level have allowed us to build  intricate training plans based on nutrition, time management, rest and pushing your skills and endurance to the highest level possible.
Athletes will receive, off-season Nutrition Plans, Goal setting packages and a very unique off-season training plan that will take every aspect of your game up 10 notches.
*A* Game Hoops can make teams, players, coaches and the community tighter and better in one of our Team Camps!!
Cant wait to go back home and be on the floor in the Thunder Dome!!!

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